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New Rubber Innovation Initiative tool in Vietnam

Ms. Dinh Thi Nga introduced the improved rubber exploitation tool
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As a long-term employee at Chu Prong Rubber Limited Company, Ms. Dinh Thi Nga - Team Leader and Nguyen Thi Tuyet - Technical staff recognized the importance of rubber latex exploitation and intend to improve exploitation tools. After a period of observation and study, two people designed a unique guide trough not only helps to make harvesting easier but also reduces the cost of the tool.

Initiative to replace lead latex with conduit

A few years ago, Thanh Binh farm, Chu Prong Rubber ltd.,co – a employee has implemented mass application of lead latex by zinc to the orchard exploited in shaving 2 - ¼ S / 2 shaving splits in parallel but shaved in parallel). After a period of application, many workers commented that this is the best solution to be able to get the pus without loss, not dropping and spreading.

However, Dinh Thi Nga - Team Leader 6 and Nguyen Thi Tuyet - Technical Staff Team 6 did not think so. By watching harvest and harvesting workers, captain Dinh Thi Nga noticed, it still took a lot of time to shave. Workers had to perform cleaning of conductors, new latex into the cup, the cost of equipping a part of the plant was expensive. Especially the nailing of the wood would create holes that lead to black rot when harvesting wood reducing wood quality.

Ms. Nga said: "Many times she saw workers have to wipe the wire, some people used toothbrush to clean latex after shaving. If not done thoroughly, pus was still flowing outside the cup. At the beginning of the harvest season, workers took 4 days to complete the equipment and cost about 800 - 900 thousand VND / plant. To use 3 kg of nails, 3.5 kg of zinc wire, I thought about how to simplify the operation of workers but still effective. Taking the trouble to share with the workers, technicians of the team, I received the opinion of Snow is to replace the latex with the drainage hose take advantage of the mask cover removed.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet said: "After a month of testing, we have demonstrated the superiority of this approach to the previous latex solution. In early August, personally CEO of Toan Thang Vo came to see and have comments, and evaluation. General Manager agreed to let us deploy on all 164 hectares shaved in the 2 - ¼ shaved mode of the team.

Efficiency of latex production increased

"With this initiative, workers can get the full amount of pesticide that the trees give, on the other hand, the cost is lower than the initiative to use latex when only cost 5 small boxes about 15,000 VND per plant. Time spent on a part of the tree takes only 2 days, the shaving time is reduced to 1.5 hours, especially the reuse of the cover film was removed to make the gutters do not have to cost more, " Mrs. Nga shared.

The advantage of this initiative is to get all the pus, no worries spread out even in rainy days. However, the limitation of this initiative is only applicable to low shaving orchards and applies to 2 - ¼ shaved mouth.

"Each shaving mode of 2 - ¼ can be exploited for 4 years, then shaved surface is still applied for another 4 years. Thus, this initiative can apply for 8 years on the shaving mouth 2 - ¼, further applied, difficult to find myself tinkering research, find out to complete there.

Because of the new initiative and applied to the orchard for more than 2 months, there is no computation for the comparison, but with the naked eye and the daily work of the workers, the effectiveness of the initiative can be seen easily, "said Tuyet.

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Source: tapchicaosu.com

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