3 - 5, August 2022, HCMC, Vietnam

Vietnam and Rubber Development Project with Cambodia

Recently, VRG delegation led by Mr. Tran Ngoc Thuan - Member of the Standing Committee of Central Party Committee of the Party Central Committee, Party Secretary, Chairman of the Board of Directors visited and worked on developing rubber projects in Cambodia which was a special, meaningful visit.

Symbol of solidarity

On behalf of the Group's leaders, VRG Chairman Tran Ngoc Thuan congratulated the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) for winning the sixth National Assembly election. At the same time, to visit, inspect and work for the rubber development cluster of the Group. Participating in the delegation, there were representatives of the Board of General Directors of the Group, Vietnam Rubber Union, Representative Office, Standing Committee of K, Functional Departments of the Group and Heads of Project Groups from domestic and foreign.

Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia affirmed: "Good political relations, deep friendship should be concretized by economic cooperation investment cooperation." He was assigned by the Prime Minister Hun Sen and the Royal Government of Cambodia to co-operate on this investment. The Group's rubber development projects in Cambodia, which began in 2007, must succeed, must be the symbol of that special friendship solidarity. He emphasized two words of special appreciation - the Vietnamese cadre is a messenger of friendship, helping Cambodian people have jobs, stabilizing their lives and building the country. After 10 years, the Temple Tower has extensive rubber forests are now put into operation promising good future.

Cambodian workers exploit rubber.
Image courtesy of tapchicaosu.vn

Vietnam - Cambodia samaki

According to data from the Association of Vietnamese Investors in Cambodia over the past 10 years, 48 enterprises have invested in agriculture with 200,000 hectares of land, of which 180,000 hectares are mostly from VRG, 15,000 Cambodian workers.

At the meeting, VRG President proposed the new Royal Government and the Deputy Prime Minister to continue to pay more attention to rubber projects when moving to business, to promote efficiency. After the basic construction period, high turnover and profits will continue to create jobs for Cambodian workers to build their lives.

In response to the sentiments and wishes of the Chairman, the Deputy Prime Minister said: "Despite receiving any duties assigned to the Prime Minister, I continue to support the rubber project, support the rubber Group". The Deputy Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Group shared fond gestures to each other and said: “Vietnam - Cambodia Samaki” (Samaki translated into Vietnamese means united)

Cambodia resolves difficulties, organizes production to the highest efficiency

On the way back to Dong Nai - Kratie Company, the Chairman of the Group visits the rubber plantations and felt happy for the garden is equipped with sufficient material, rain cover firmly, smooth flat surface without ripples, front-square , back-square, not broken but slightly shallow. Leader of Dong Nai - Kratie reported that this is a new rubber plantation, Cambodian workers are newly trained. The comrade happily said that is good because technicians try to train workers to maintain the mining techniques, with good orchard, good rubber varieties, good density will give the yield on 2 tons / ha.

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Source: tapchicaosu.vn

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